Additional Wildcards coming to the Supercar eSports Finale

Wednesday the 10th of June 2020 marks the Supercar eSports finale and it has been announced that six new wildcard entries will also be taking part.

racing drivers supercar esports finale

Looking to be a special and engaging event, what makes it even more symbolic is that the famed Oran Park circuit will be used for the virtual race. For those who may not know, back in 2010 this track was demolished to make way for residential accommodation; so iRacing and eSports allows for it to live on in the virtual space as an online avenue for those who did not get the chance to race on the physical track in person.

This is one aspect that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has shone a light on – mainly how the rise of iRacing and eSports has allowed for older tracks like this to live on virtually and still remain in the spotlight. It is worth noting too that this is the first supercar eSports finale as it is the first championship of its kind for supercars virtually too. Time will tell if future iterations and championships will give older / no longer in use tracks their chance to shine in the spotlight.

At the time of writing, Scott McLaughlin and Shane van Gisbergen are poised to battle for the winning title. What makes this inaugural championship even more exciting is that instead of the usual three or four race format, it will instead be a more cutthroat two race format. While less races, it makes for a more high-octane and full throttle couple of races as drivers know they have a very limited time to make their mark and aim for that pole position. You can stream the races for free here on Motorsport TV.

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