Whats Next for eSports?

The virtual world of online racing is now well ahead of its time and has seen about two years of growth in the last number of months. While real world racing had well and truly stopped, many spectators flocked to the online world – experiencing a greater view of drivers and vehicles than ever before. The success of online racing poses a great question, whats next for esports?

Looking ahead, it is inevitable that most manufacturers and teams will weigh up the costs of virtual and real life racing. Real life racing is clearly extremely more expensive and some may decide to only heavily invest in the likes of elite and popular series. eSports has a much lower barrier to entry for competitors and spectators being such an easy platform; however this must also be maintained and sustainable to new generations.

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Mike Rockenfeller, who is one of the architects of the new series and also a Le Mans 24 Hours overall winner, an Audi works driver and a DTM champion; was recently introduced to sim racing and soon became deeply involved. It was apparent that many top racers were very active online and he could see great potential for motorsport to find a new sense of purpose. From this, he and two associates came up with an idea to develop an eSports series with a difference, focusing more on sustainability and storytelling, with supreme electric cars going head to head in a series of short and tense races. This move is putting climate change at the centre of the plan, similarly to the trend we are seeing with Extreme E heading into maiden season.

This also spurred the World eX team to start developing more electric vehicles that have an impressive horsepower and are also extremely entertaining to watch. This also permitted manufacturers and technologies to share their deeper knowledge around races using future technology and sustainability.  World eX are working hard to strike a balance between reality and fantasy.

Rockenfeller is certain that Hybrid vehicles like the new hypercars format for Le Mans and WEC have the opportunity for so much growth for the next few years. Although, when we look at whats next for esports, many of us expect that electric cars will eventually take over completely.

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