Trustworthiness Will Rule for Peugeot

Peugeot have recently alluded that trustworthiness will rule for them in the 2022 World Endurance Championship season, as their latest Hypecar testing will dictate whether it is suitable to race or not.

Although the new hybrid-powered machine is not due to run for the first time until the end of 2021 (ahead of its race debut at some stage in 2022) so time is on their side for the moment.

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Due to the ongoing global pandemic, Peugeot was forced to push back on the first test of its LMH car for next summer. They are currently insisting that they are still in fact some time away still on making any final decisions on when exactly the car will make its first racing debut. Due to this, it will be unclear for some time yet if the manufacturer will be even contending for a fourth victory at Le Mans 24 Hours.

Key technical details were recently released by Peugeot regarding the new LMH prototype. This included the specification of its internal combustion engine, however the vee angle of the 2.6 litre twin turbo V6 was kept confidential at this point. The director of powertrain development at Peugeot Sport, Francois Coudrain, stressed that trustworthiness will rule for Peugeot and they do not want to give too much away just yet with regards to the organic design. He did reveal that when developed, it will be a bespoke engine that will be fully developed in-house.

Hints have been dropped regarding the name of the car, speculating that it could easily follow the nomenclature of the Le Mans winning 905 and 908 Group C and LMP1 prototypes, but Peugeot are yet to announce the official name. Jean-Marc Finot, the motorsport boss of Peugeot parent company PSA stated, that they will be a lot more precise about certain things at the beginning of 2022 emphasising on the point that there is simply no need for them to rush.

Similarly with regards to drivers, Finot confirmed that many drivers have already expressed their interest and they look forward to going through the process of finding the best fitted driver, chosen by performance and their overall team spirit. Nonetheless, only time will reveal the exciting future that is ahead of Peugeot in the next one to two years.

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