Toyota Reveal the First Picture of their new Hypercar

It has been an exciting time for motorsport fans as Toyota reveal the first picture of their new Hypercar. This is set to race in the upcoming FIA World Endurance Championship competition.

The Japanese manufacturer are certainly dangling the bait ahead of the actual reveal of the vehicle set to happen shortly after the release of the images. The new GR010 Hybrid car has been unveiled in camouflage, made up of a combination of striking shades of red, black and white. Toyota have introduced their new sporty sub-brand into the GR010 name as GR stands for Gazoo Racing and the three digit numbering represents the marque’s Le Mans-spec machinery as it reaches as far back to the TS010 3.5 litre Group C car of 1991-1993.

toyota reveal the first picture of their new hypercar sport 21 motorsport news

As Toyota reveal the first picture of their new hypercar, it has been reported that Europe’s technical director Pascal Vasselon stressed that a small number of features and components of the car have been retained from its forerunner.

The other images from the cars maiden test back in October show a vehicle that clearly resembles the Ts050 Hybrid that obtained the 2019/2019 and 2019/2020 World Endurance Championship drivers and manufacturers awards (along with three consecutive Le Mans 24 Hours victories in 2018-20). Vassellon expressed that there are very little to no carry-over parts between the two vehicles other than some generic elements such as sensors and switches. Vassellon explained that the regulation philosophy is simply too different between the two vehicles and that the GR010 is a completely different machine down to its architecture of the hybrid system.

From the exciting reveal, spectators can see that the new LMH regulations allow for a single energy retrieval unit on the front of the car, rather that the twin systems used previously with the TS040 and the TS050. Toyota have kept other elements under wraps ahead of the big reveal such as the technical information around the GR101’s internal combustion engine. The GR010 has been designed to perform at a minimum weight of 1030km which is a significant reduction on the LMP1 car with the base weight of this car being 878kg.

The new GR010 has a third test scheduled to take place in Spain in the weeks ahead at the Aragon circuit and then the unchanged driver roster is expected to be confirmed for the 2021 World Endurance Championship 2021 season.

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