The Rotax British Kart Championships

Sport 21 is pleased to announce that we will be supporting The Rotax British Kart Championships (10th – 11th July) and it’s a winner takes all affair. The champion is then handed the highly coveted ‘O Plate’ which they can run when ever competing in their class. It is quite a sought after accolade and honour to be your number plate showing ‘O’ wherever you race for the next 12 months.

The 2021 event for Rotax Engined classes will take place at the Warden Law Kart Circuit near Sunderland on the North East coast of England. Drivers will attend from all over the UK to compete at this very challenging 1200 metre circuit. The track opened in 1996 and has just reappeared as one of the premier kart tracks after a hiatus of seven years away from competition with the National Championship Karting.

The winner is derived from a number of heats leading to a final race where the ‘O’ Plate champions are crowned. The event will be live-streamed on YouTube with qualifying and heats on the afternoon of Saturday 10th July with further heats and the all important finals all day Sunday 11th July.

“Sport 21 is delighted to be involved at what is grass roots level of motorsports. Karting is where the vast majority of professionals get a grounding in racing. The service that Sport 21 provide to young drivers is to assist in that transition from Karting to cars where at the moment it’s hard to find reliable advice and direction. We can’t wait for the Rotax British Kart Championships!”

Checkout the future Lewis Hamilton or Max Vestappen live:

Saturday Afternoon Stream –
Sunday Stream –