Meet a Sport 21 Founder – Sami Moutran

Sami Moutran is one of the founders here of Sport 21 – alongside both JM Littman and Manfredi Ravetto. He brings both on track experience and masterful marketing prowess to his role here at Sport 21, making him an essential part of what we do.

Sami was both the founder and the team principle of Duel Racing which is a UAE-based endurance racing team. Within seven years he managed to progress this small and amateur club racing team all the way through to becoming Double 24h Series champions – quite an achievement as we are sure you would agree with. Utilising the correct team structure and ensuring a perfect level of preparation and driving finesse; over the course of two championships the team would go on to secure nine out of nine podium positions.

The above is but one of the facts that demonstrates his management of drivers and teams in conjunction with his ability to seek out and readily act upon opportunities for them. He also spent many years running a very successful global marketing agency from the UAE and brings his skills in this field to Sport 21 not just to manage and market our brand, but also to help manage and market the drivers and teams that we are involved with. This is an essential part of brokering important deals which we view as platforms and opportunities for success for all parties involved.

Alongside his role at Sport 21, Sami Moutran still enjoys everything about the thrill of the race and the energy of the track. He also consults many clients across different sectors around the globe in an effort to assist with their business strategy, marketing capabilities and more.

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