Review of the Virtual 24h Le Mans

What would have been the physical Le Mans 24h track racing had to be replaced (as we all know why) with A VIRTUAL ONLINE RACE INSTEAD. Here we take a look back at what was arguably one of the biggest global online races to date and how it compared to physical track action.

From the offset, this was a big undertaking which drew many parallels to its real-life counterpart (making it interesting when it comes to a review of the virtual 24h Le Mans). Between two-hundred drivers and fifty cars, the online event welcomed a mixture of some of the best simulation racers in the world as well as real-life Formula One and endurance drivers. As you can see, this was an event looking to fill the physical void of what would have been playing out in person.

However what did become apparent was just how reliant we can become on technology – which becomes glaringly obvious when it fails / has issues. So just like how physical racing comes with its own share of vehicle and track faults, so too did the virtual race fall victim to some unfortunate glitches and technical issues. Max Verstappen for example was in the lead until connection issues caused him to drop down in positions – a no doubt frustrating position to be forced into. Jesper Pedersen somehow managed to complete two laps with his car turning right . . . even though he was steering left the entire time.

So thinking of a review of the virtual Le Mans 24h is quite like a review of the traditional Le Mans 24h itself! Albeit in an online format, all of the thrills, energy and motorsport community coming together remain in place. Different to the real thing it may have been, but worlds apart it was not.

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