Reiter Engineering has Gained Great Insight at Creventic

The Reiter Engineering team suffered an unprecedented malfunction . . .

This essentially cost the #724 KTM X-BOW GT4 the winning position at the recent Hankook 12H Hockenheimring. Although this was not the outcome anyone had planned for, the team principal and namesake Hans Reiter is thankful for the experience as Reiter Engineering has gained great insight at Creventic. After the Hankook 12H Hockenheimring, it was then discovered that an unanticipated level of wear and tear was leaning on the electrical casing of the car which lead to problems for both the #725 KTM X-BOW GTX and the #724. Unfortunately the #724 was greatly affected by this disruption quite early on in the race, however the #725 managed to maintain a seven lap lead in the GTX class claiming second place behind 9und11 Racing.

Although these unmatched errors were a big blow for the crew at the time, Reiter Engineering has gained great insight at Creventic. Reiter himself explained how the mishaps that occurred at the 24H Series has provided greater insights to further refine the KTM M-BOX GTW and to turn it into an opportunity to develop the German engine even more.

The Reiter Engineering team were able to discover that the original method simply didn’t provide enough durability as a running car. After a certain amount of time they discovered a number of frayed cables which is not good enough going forward. The plan now for Reiter Engineering is to modify the routing of the wiring harness which will make the cars a lot more durable. Reiter is glad he has this information now as he feels that it is of utmost importance for any durable car.

Despite the disappointing performance from the vehicles the #724 still impressed the team coming in second in the GTX-class, courtesy of their two dominating wins at Circuit Paul Richard and Mugello. The sister #725 X-BOW still made its initial series start at Hockenheim regardless of the unfortunate outcome.

Reiter Engineering has gained great insight at Creventic overall and is set to make a return for the Hankook 24H Portimao in July along with the Hankook 24H Barcelona in September. Reiter Engineering are the only team to have earned more than one win in the GTX class so far this year so we can expect nothing less than some top quality racing performance to come.

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