Race of Champion’s Brings the RX2e to Sweden

The Race of Champions have made an announcement that their first competition vehicles of 2022 will be the highly anticipated all electric RX2e rallycross car (along with an updated Supercar Lites car). This particular Supercar will be fully powered by fossil free fuel.

Race of Champion’s brings the RX2e to Sweden through QEV technologies and Olsbergs MSE. It will be an integral element of the new-for-2021 FIA RX2e Championship that is set to join six FIA World Rallycross Championship rounds. Not to mention that the cars will also be included in the Race of Champion’s first ever edition on snow and ice. This spectacle is set to take place in Pite Havsbad in Sweden in 2022.

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The impressive RX2e vehicle has been created to power on two electric motors which will generate 335bhp and up to an impressive 510 Nm torque that is connected to a 30kWh battery. The vehicle has been described as a thrill to drive as it has the capacity to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in less than 3.3 seconds. This impressive feature allows the car to bridge the performance gap between the Supercar Lites and Supercars alone.

Race of Champion’s brings the RX2e to Sweden successfully after testing the car on Sweden’s layout that was impressively drawn on the ice of the frozen Baltic Sea. The driveability and steadiness of the vehicle has been highly praised by Olsbergs MSE driver Kevin Eriksson. Eriksson went on to describe how most supercars have an extreme amount of power and due to this there can be times where the revs may be too low which can cause a bit of a delay. He also explained that in a supercar you can find yourself in the wrong gear at times; however in the RX2e the power and torque are always spot on.

An updated version of the Supercar Lites car will now be powered by a 105 octane fossil-free fuel in addition to the RX2e – also developed by Olsbergs MSE and P1 Performance Fuels. This update will take the Supercar Lites from 0 to 100km/h in 3.85 – 4.10 seconds, but will solely depend on the grip levels at the time.

Race of Champions are becoming a key component for the next era with a strong focus on carbon reduction, carbon reduction and also gender equality – a clear and modern focus to strive for excellence in sustainability.

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