New Unpopular LMP2 Rules

If we haven’t seen enough changes throughout the Motorsport industry in 2020, the World Endurance Championship has introduced more modifications. New unpopular LMP2 rules on the driver line-ups in the LMP2 class of the FIA have just been announced and will be revised ahead of the 2021 season.

This recent announcement, which appeared in the Motor Sport Council Bulletin, explained that each crew that takes part next season must have a bronze-rated driver and two silver-rated drivers included. Nonetheless, a spokesperson from the World Endurance Championship described this as being somewhat untimely. All motorsport fans and professionals can expect a complete update to follow, with more clarifying news around these changes.

Prior to this, the initial rules for both the European Le Mans Series and the World Endurance Championship stipulated that only one amateur driver, either a bronze or a silver recipient for each line up would be required and an amateur class or trophy would then be added to the crew. In addition to this set of rules, it was likely that this opened up to cars being driven by either two silver or one bronze drivers.

The new unpopular LMP2 rules are now set to go in front of the WMSC for enactment in advance of the final meeting that is due to take place in December this year. According to the Autosports leader Richard Dean, he believes that by limiting the drivers transformation would also limit the industries market and the expectations of the fan base and associated customers. This would not serve the motorsport industry well if this was the case.

Dean also expressed his concerns around the discussions of the 2021 budget and how the industry has worked through so much this year alone, due to the ongoing global pandemic. He explained how there are currently as many gold drivers as there are silver drivers and how there doesn’t appear to be any obstacles within a class of twenty-four cars that competed at Le Mans this year to date.

The idea of modifying the grading of the drivers allowed in each line-up has been an open discussion for some time now; however the idea to endorse a bronze driver did not go down well and was essentially voted down at a meeting back in August.  As such, it remains unclear why the unpopular LMP2 rules that were unsupported by the teams had  been brought to the WMSC and only time will tell as to what the outcome will be in the near future.

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