WEC New Qualifying Setup for 2021

The FIA World Endurance Championship has recently announced that they are now in the works of planning a new and rejuvenated method for the next racing season of 2021.

The Chief Executives of WEC have recently acknowledged that works have already in fact began alongside the FIA Endurance Commission, where they are working hard to replace the current qualifying system that is based on the aggregate of the fastest times set by two drivers.  The new qualifying setup for 2021 will be used in all WEC races taking place in 2021 – with an exception to the Le Mans 24 Hours centre-piece round. This particular race will continue using the new Hyperpole format that was developed and introduced for the 2020 edition of the race.

With many queries as to why the WEC has decided to revamp the qualifying system, their response quite simply explained that they feel that they can keep evolving and thrive to always do better. At the end of the day, the motorsport industry wants to remain on top when it comes to entertainment and attraction and the WEC are willing to do whatever it takes to keep those factors at the forefront of each race.

Back as far as 2013 the qualifying mark for each racing car was originally determined on the average of four laps, where a pair of drivers would complete two laps each. This was then refitted again in 2015 where we first saw the current setup, which is based on a single lap per driver. Widely accepted by drivers and teams, the hyperpole pitches the fastest six vehicles in each of the WEC classes during an opening forty five minute period, against each driver in a final half an hour round of qualifying.

The new qualifying setup for 2021 is set to make for exceptional TV for motorsport fans around the world and we can expect to see this on a professional level for the first time when Le Mans reverts back to its original mid-June slot in 2021!

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