New Features in Super GT

The 2020 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series had mega plans for the year of 2020, scheduling many new changes for the racing track. however situations far beyond an engine revamp have had to take precedence far beyond the racing capacity.

Like every other motorsport series, Super GT has been forced to make great changes to be able to conform to meet the requirements of the normal scenario that was once our version of normal, bringing many new features in Super GT. The beginning of a three-year cycle brings three new features in Super GT cars in the premier class. The highly anticipated Toyota GR Supra GT500 will make its debut, as will the new and improved version of the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 and the new front-engined NSX-GT Honda.

These vehicles have been developed based around a number of new procedures, one being built on the unified Class One technical regulation (which is a shared task between Super GT and the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters). A customary engine control unit and a standardised suspension kit has also been installed in all the new 2020 vehicles as a standard supplied by Bosch. All of these vehicles will be motorised by a 600-horsepower engine developed around a carbon fibre monocoque, engineered specifically for the class one regulations.

Another new feature in Super GT that is important to mention is the Ballast changes for 2020. The Success Ballast has now been changed in the GT3000 class, where the team of drivers can now avail of accumulating 3 kilogrammes per championship point within round 1 to 6, which results in a race victory now being work +60 kilogrammes of Success Ballast for the next round of the race. This is a great advantage for Super GT in comparison to the previous year where teams on the GT300 and GT500 classes could only accrue 2 kilogrammes of Success Ballast per championship points accumulated in round 1 to 6 of the race.

These crucial changes will guarantee that the GT500 cars are fully compliant with their Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters counterparts. Although the future of Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters is somewhat blighted, Super GT is dedicated to see these regulations through to the end of 2022 – with or without the involvement of the German series.

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