Motorsport Adapting to a Socially Distanced World

Safety in the world of motorsports is certainly nothing new, however in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic; many safety measures have taken effect. These are not just for the drivers and spectators (where permitted) – but for the entire industry.

This was shown in full effect at Snetterton circuit where drivers were competing for the 116 Trophy last weekend, for many spectators who are adapting to a socially distanced world. Although society as a whole is still getting used to the new normal, the spectators were given a lot of reason for excitement around this event where they could view many racing vehicles such as the Sports 1000, Formula Vee’s and even Renault Clio’s at the test day (prior to the commencement of the event). The test day had been described by the spectators as a first-hand experience that demonstrated how ready and determined the competitors were to race following the COVID-19 lockdown, including big names such as Martin Donnelly.

Motorsport Vision were applauded for their level of precaution that was implemented within the grounds of Snetterton, as the safety measures in place to reduce the spread of the virus were widespread and easily accessible throughout the entire day. There was a strict limit on numbers with social distancing measures in full force. Only a limited number of spectators were also allowed in the paddock at any given time which gave off a positive sense of adapting to a socially distanced world.

The two mandatory pit stops during the 90 minute race both had their time extended by 30 seconds to allow sufficient time for the crew members to sanitise the main touch points such as the steering wheel, gear stick and safety belts before the next driver was allowed to get into the car and continue the race. Face masks and sufficient PPE were also worn by the crew members at all times during the race. 750MC officials were also safeguarding the pit lane – ensuring that only official crew members from each team were present at any time.

Motorsport equipment such as fireproof overalls, frontal head restraints and helmets are constantly being developed to ensure the safety of the drivers, not to mention the safety features designed in each racing machine. Motorsports always keeps safety as a main priority on the agenda and they have proved this once again with the 116 Trophy race in Snetterton being the perfect example.

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