Motorsport Covid-19 Testing

While motorsport is slowly returning to some normality, Covid-19 restrictions are still providing challenges. This is particularly apparent when it comes to international travel for drivers and teams competing overseas with the additional logistics and costs of Covid-19 testing requirements.

So we here at Sport 21 are very glad to announce a partnership with Qured to access their motorsport Covid-19 testing kits including their “Return to UK” pre-departure rapid test. This gives results in just twenty minutes, overseen remotely by a health advisor and is approved for pre-arrival testing for travel to the UK.

Finding a Covid-19 test to take abroad prior to returning to the UK can be stressful. With the Sport21 Qured new rapid test, we’ve made sourcing a test to take abroad quick, simple and cost effective at just £35. In addition, Qured offer PCR fit to fly, day 2 and day 8 and test to release Covid-19 tests kits.

Sport 21 is passing the full discount available to not only our clients but also to anyone in the motorsport industry and wider community.

To book your motorsport Covid-19 testing kits, go to and use our discount code “SPORT21” to a receive 10% discount on all Covid-19 test kits.