A Look at Modern Motorsport in Italy

Great to see a SPORT 21 FOUNDER, Manfredi Ravetto, along with his partner help to keep the spotlight on motorsport in Italy. Here we take a look at the latest from the Verona team.

Preparing as best as possible for the national championships (Italian GT Championship-Sprint); Manfredi and his longtime professional partner (Paolo Ruberti) recently received their Ferrari 488 GT-Cup in anticipation of this race and other endurance races in the future. Based in Verona, Italy and known as Scuderia Ravetto & Ruberti-SR & R Ltd., they also offer vehicle rental for track and road day use and have bolstered their racing branch by entering cars into the Tourism category in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons.

We are delighted to see Manfredi and his partner help to further motorsport in Italy in this way. Endeavours like this enable countries to have multiple drivers and an abundance of presence on tracks and circuits around the world. This itself has the knock-on effect of benefitting the industry as a whole (manufacturing, employment etc.) and acting as a source of national pride for the countries that get involved.

The motto of Sport 21 is to connect drivers and teams in what we view as opportunities for platforms success. This means that we work to connect the most optimum people and teams to foster success for all. Reaching into our global network of contacts and connections, Scuderia Ravetto & Ruberti-SR & R Ltd. are but one example of an international option who (as you can see from this article) are priming their activities for pole position. As they help the national championships and gear up motorsport in Italy, we can’t wait to see what they do in the coming months and years.

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