Lynn Wins on Home Soil at E-Prix

After a four year and forty race fight, Alex Lynn wins on home soil at the E-Prix held in London recently.

Alex Lynn secured a spot at the top in Formula E and secured himself a long and very much overdue turn in the winner’s circle for Mahindra Racing. This was a big win for Alex as not only was it on home soil, but it has also been two and a half years since he experienced a similar victory. Lynn wins on home soil at E-Prix which was literally a stones throw away from his home town of Romford – making his win extra special. At the Heineken London E-Prix, race one witnessed Lynn take the lead on his first laps in the championship. Throughout the race Lynn drove exceptionally well alongside his team. He navigated a hectic encounter at one point where the decisive moment of the race unfolded with the pack released from a spell under the safety car on lap 13.

Later on we witnessed Oliver Rowland driving a Nissan make a move from the lead position with a surprising lunge on Stoffel Vandoorne who was driving a Mercedes EQ (who had then pulled away from Julius Baer Pole Position). Ultimately this led to both drivers exiting the race. As the race inched closer to the finish line, Lynn passed Nyck de Vries neatly via a well-planned 35kW Attack Mode boost which ultimately was the move that won the race.

Lynn explained that he felt the final race was a much better pace than the Saturday previous. It was touch and go from the beginning as he felt as though others had already earned the win when other elements opened up around the first safety car as understandably some chaos was caused here. Lynn admitted that himself and his team took the second Attack Mode at the right time where there was a bit of commotion going on elsewhere. This would have brought great satisfaction to Lynn and his team as on the two weekends previous, Mercedes used Fanboost to their advantage leaving them in a very positive position. Lynn wins on home soil at E-Prix with a solid team around him and a strong car that did enough to pass Nyck in Attack Mode and confirm the win at the London E-Prix.

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