Le Mans eSports Super Final

After achieving such astounding success at the 24h Le Mans, it is no surprise that FIA, World Endurance Championship and Motorsport have announced that they will go out with a bang.

An epic week of racing will take place, forming the new Super Final of the Le Mans eSports Series. Motorsport spectators will receive a striking display of Pro and Pro-Am teams race for a slice of a $150,000 cash prize at the Le Mans eSports Super Final!

le mans esports

With the previously expected announcement that the 24h Le Mans was set to go ahead virtually and behind closed doors; it is no surprise that the eSports Series finals will follow suit and will also take place online. This digital spectacle will be the perfect build up to the real world racing which has scheduled four nights of unmissable racing, taking place mid-September.

Spectators can expect to see teams from all around the world taking part on the Forza Motorsport 7 and also on the Xbox One family of devices for the digital 2020 Super Final, which will also run consecutively over four nights in total. There will be four hours of racing in conjunction with two one-hour sprint races and also a two-hour endurance race. The teams participating must avoid ending up with the two lowest amount of points or they will face immediate elimination at the Pro and Pro-Am categories. The top three teams with the most points will move into the Super Final on Sunday the 18th and they will go head to head to claim the winning spot.

A large number of qualifications for the Le Mans eSport Series finals began as far back as November 2019. Since then, there has been seven professional teams such as RYZE Motorsport, Red Bull Racing ESports, Lazarus Racing and Solar Vision Racing (to name a few) that all now make up the final line up. Joining the final line up will be some wildcard contestants such as Wolves of Dawn and Veloce Esports. The Pro-Am teams will be formulated randomly with previous players who qualified at events through the Rivals system in Forza Motorsport 7.

Ben Rossiter-Turner, head of Motorsport Games, expressed the previous virtual event has proved that this really is the next best thing to physical racing and it won’t disappoint. To watch the action unfold make sure to watch the Le Mans eSports Super Final on Motorsport.tv, YouTube, Facebook and the Le Mans eSport Series Twitch.

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