The Le Mans Classic is Returning in 2021!

With the Le Mans 24h event taking place this September and the Classic Le Mans making a return in 2021; this makes up for time lost in early 2020 for many motorsport fans.

le mans classic

Although both events will take place at the same circuit, they will be distinctively different from each other when it comes to the cars, the paddock set up and the entertainment. Each year, approximately 60 cars compete at the event, displaying an array of models and GT cars specifically designed to perform in the endurance racing environment – along with the ability to complete an entire lap of the racecourse in under three minutes.

le mans classic

With the return of the Le Mans Classic event, spectators will be given the opportunity to view all the older sports vehicles that competed in the 24h events dated as far back as 1923 up until 2010. Each vehicle must be true to its original specification and will race at different times that represent the different vehicle generations. The paddock area will remain restricted from fans. This is mainly due to health and safety reasons as it is a very fast paced environment with dangerous equipment in operation from the week in advance of the big day.

le mans classic

The Le Mans Classic returning in 2021 however offers a different ambience entirely in their paddock, including a tented garage that allows the spectators to have access with the correct pass. This provides great opportunities for people to have conversations with the mechanics and get up close and personal to some of their favourite vehicles. The entertainment factor will consist of a funfair offering a spectacular view of the event from their big-wheel, along with a free French themed concert as the event moves into the evening. It also offers interesting experiences such as a drive-in cinema and the opportunity for motorsports fans to actually drive their favourite classic car!

Without debate, both events are expected to be a celebration of motorsports and will be a kick start to many motorsport fans social calendars in both 2020 and 2021. With each event offering a different experience for the fans, they are both anticipated to be a spectacular celebration of the new and the old.

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