Kevin Harvick’s Recent Success

At the recent Michigan International Speedway (MIS) doubleheader, Kevin Harvick became the main attraction as he gained another win, by sweeping the race for the NASCAR Cup series. HIS recent success was his third consecutive win at MIS and his fourth win out of the last five races he was a part of. Not to mention that his most recent win was also his 55th career cup series win, which ranks him with NASCAR Hall of Fame member Rusty Wallace.

kevin harvick sport 21

Kevin Harvick’s recent success at the Michigan International was like time repeating itself. This is because a day previous to this race, he led a 156-lap race at the FireKeepers 400, where he led over 90 laps in total. Taming a close challenge with Denny Hamlin, he passed him with six on the 2020 season wins list – where Hamlin has won a close five.

As a result of Harvick’s win in the FireKeepers doubleheader race, he started the Michigan International Speedway in the 20th position. While keeping the pressure on his competition and remaining consistent, by the 40th lap he was in 8th place where he then cruised all the way up to 2nd place after the pit stops.

Harvick was doing well up until this point, however on lap 71 Hamlin and Blaney took advantage of the new ‘choose rule’ by NASCAR, which brought them both to the top two rows for the restart where Hamlin then took the lead (which was then quickly redeemed by Blaney). Unfortunately for Blaney, this was the last time he experienced being the first in the race due to his two pit stops that were required. Yet another blow to his chances was the fact that the crew had failed to get his car completely full of fuel on his first stop.

Harvick then finally passed Busch on the 48th lap and held his position in first place until he reached the win. Harvick’s recent success was also visible in the FireKeepers race where his dominant win included wins of stage one and two

He describes his recent success as being a very big challenge that he had to face head on. The Busch Light Apple Ford Mustang got tight in certain stages of the race and Harvick expressed that only for his crew at every pit stop, was he able to go on and win such a successful race in the Michigan International Speedway Doubleheader.

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