eSports Racing Sponsorship with Sport 21

As eSports rises ever more in popularity and prevalence given the current racing climate; it is important to be connected to the right people in the right places when it comes to eSports racing sponsorship and support.

We here at Sport 21 can help with this as we work behind-the-scenes to broker deals (on the track, off the track and on the virtual track) – especially now in the eSports racing arena. As a tangible example of what this support can do, look at the achievements of Tom Dillmann, a racer supported by Sport 21. At the time of writing (9th of May 2020), he is fresh off a win in the Pro Cup The Race All-Star Series. He achieved an amazing pole to win in the main race and 39th to 7th in the full reverse grid.

This is but one of the success stories of how we work to support both drivers and teams here at Sport 21. Our founders and team work together to mobilise their connections and contacts to match drivers, teams and all stakeholders with what we view as platforms of success to succeed further in the world of motorsport. This too includes eSports racing sponsorship and support where possible – especially in the current worldwide scenario with the vast majority, if not all, of races being cancelled (with some said to resume with no track spectators).

So as the rise of iRacing and eSports continues, make sure you have all of the opportunities and tools that you need to succeed and progress all the way to pole position. Here at Sport 21, we can help.

Use the form below to contact us and take the first step towards grasping the opportunities that we can connect you to. We look at this as platforms of success that can well and truly lead to podium positions.