Duval’s Task is Unfinished with Peugeot

The Le Mans 24 Hours winner, Loic Duval, is set to make a return to the wheel of a Peugeot prototype in 2022 for the FIA World Endurance Championship season. Yet his task is unfinished with Peugeot as he want to claim a second victory.

Duval has expressed his sense of longing as he feels he has an unfinished job with Peugeot. He is determined to race with Peugeot again and believes that Peugeot has everything to offer and he is confident that with this he will win the up and coming championship. He revealed his excitement at the recent launch of the Peugeot driver line up for its two-car team of the Le Mans Hypercars.

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Duval’s task is unfinished with Peugeot simply because he has a goal to add a second Le Mans victory to his 2013 success experience with Audi. After falling short at the French endurance on his two outings, he drove a works-backed Oreca-run 908 HDi coupe in 2011 prior. Duval has already attained experience with Peugeot as he also raced a semi-works Peugeot on three separate occasions across the seasons that took place in 2011 and 2012.

In addition to placing fifth in the Le Mans in 2011, Duval also won the Sebring 12 Hours American Le Mans Series where he shared a V12-powered 908 alongside Nicolas Lapierre and Oliver Panis. Following this, he was then signed with Audi in 2013 as their initial endurance driver for Sebring at Le Mans for a second time, before replacing Dindo Capello alongside Allan McNish and Tom Kristensen for a full World Endurance Championship.

Although Duval’s task is unfinished with Peugeot, Peugeot are still undecided about who will appear on the grid for Le Mans 2022. We know that they will enter the World Endurance Championship throughout the upcoming season, however they are not yet ready to commit to a firm entry point until the initial testing phase of its LMH prototype is fully complete next winter.

Nonetheless Duval has expressed his excitement to be a part of a project from the very beginning, knowing himself and Peugeot will work as a team to ensure the tools used will be the best and right fit. Duval has shown great encouragement towards the amount of manufacturers joining the Hypercar class which is set to embrace LMP2-based LMDh prototypes from 2023 but the hopes are also high for 2022.

Duval is excited for his partnership with Peugeot and has described that the addition of manufacturers to the Hypercar class should forerun a golden era for the future of Le Mans.

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