CTF Performance are Sizing up their 24H Series Return

Exciting and very welcomed news was shared by the former series champion CTF Performance and their future plans for Barcelona.

CTF Performance are sizing up their 24H series return to race in both the Hankook 24H and the Dubai 24H. This will be great for the crew and will line them up nicely to go on to complete in the full 2022 campaign. The former 24H Series class champion have great intentions to make a full return in 2022 with hopefully two Ligier JS2 R vehicles.

Established back in 2011, the French team had previously competed in the 2018 Lamera-Cup in the 24H Series where they achieved three pole positions consecutively. Not to mention their SP3-class win also at the 2018 Hankook 24H Portimao while on their way to the SP3-class title and the 24H series Continent. As CTF Performance are sizing up their 24H Series return since 2018, this could easily cause a stir amongst the other competing teams.

If CTF Performance are successful in the upcoming events, this would mark their first start and their first race in the 24H Series with a Ligier JS2 R with a newly updated endurance kit. Aurelien Sire, the performance manager, recently stated how CTF Performance are very passionate about all things endurance and how the team are now aiming to combine the Ligier European series with the 24H Series. With these plans in mind the upcoming racing schedule is ideal for the team as it will allow them to carry out revisions and evaluations after each race and use that information to prepare even more for the 12 or 24-hour races that are much more demanding on the vehicles.

As CTF Performance are sizing up their 24H series return, they have a lot of excitement around the learning behind the Ligier JS2 R with the new state of the art endurance kit at the Hankook 24H Barcelona. However the hunt is still on to find the best two drivers to take on the challenge on behalf of the team. When the car is prepped and ready to go with its selected drivers, this will be great preparation for the 2022 calendar.

With only a number of weeks to go until the event there has been over thirty entries already registered to take part for the 24H Barcelona that is expected to continue to grow right up until the eventful weekend.

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