Buckham Dubai 24h AMG GT4 Test

One of the key focuses of Sport21 is to help develop drivers and work with them to find the right route into motorsport. We work with them to help them to achieve their maximum potential.

Our good friends at HRT Porsche Motorsport came to us and asked to help South African racer David Buckham – who will be racing in the Dubai 24h 2022 in one of their 992 Porsche Cup cars. David is a relative rookie and hadn’t driven Dubai Autodrome previously, so we carefully put together a training program for him built around giving him the maximum driving time and coaching.

Stepping straight into the new Porsche 992 Cup car was going to be a challenge; so together we opted to run the AMG GT4. The Mercedes is an excellent platform for a gentleman racer when it comes to track familiarisation. The driveability and feedback is superb and with the built in driver aids, it brings in a safety net to avoid unnecessary spins and locks ups. Instances like this can destroy a driver’s confidence and therefore waste precious time and budget as a knock-on effect.

“David made excellent progress during the test day and adapted well to the AMG GT4. Great job and we look forward to working with you in the build up to the 2022 Dubai 24h race!” – JM Littman, Sport21 Founder.

“Absolutely amazing. Fantastic day of testing. I’m so happy with my progress. Thank you for putting together a great package for me!” – David Buckham.

Buckham will be taking part in the Dubai 24h 2022 race, which is scheduled for13th – 15th January 2022. Please get  in touch with us to discuss Driving Opportunities for your 2022 season.

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