AC Motorsport Seek Victory

After a thrilling event at the Hankook 12H Hungary, AC Motorsport seek victory after securing a victorious second place.

With this successful win now in the bag, AC Motorsport are now working towards a strong racing performance next month at Sebring with the main focus on securing the Overall TCE Teams title. The Belgian team have been highly praised for their recent performance at the latest Hankook 12H event giving them the motivation that will be needed to reach their latest aspirations.

Although the golden position was redeemed by the #112 Autorama Motorsport by Wolf-Power Racing Volkswagen in Hungary; their runner up spot means the #118 Audi had pulled four points back on the Swiss-German team’s #1 Golf GTI. For AC Motorsport however, this means that Autorama Motorsport is currently on top in the overall TCE Teams. AC Motorsport are aware of their exciting position and while they are planning on maximising their upcoming weekend at Creventics inaugural 24-hour event at the Sebring International Raceway – it is fair to say that luck will also play a key role in the outcome of this race.

As AC Motorsport seek victory they are well aware that their next event will be nothing short of a technical challenge particularly for the shock absorbers within their vehicles. The Sebring International Raceway is well known for its very bumpy track and infamous concrete slabs. On the positive side, this track does have more straights than the Hungaroring. However it will still require a lot of expert driving to ensure the team achieves their desired result.

AC Motorsport went into the Hankook 24H race in Hungary knowing that their Audi would not have the desired advantage over the Volkswagen so the team ensured they did not climb too high over the kerbs on the track. This made the race considerably harder for the drivers and although it was more of a challenge for the drivers to remain gentle on acceleration, their second place win proved that this was in fact the best possible strategy for this track.

As AC Motorsport seek victory in the near future, along with additional podiums such a Mugello and Circuit Paul Richard, this means AC Motorsport is now just eight points behind the preserving Overall TCE champion Autorama Motorsport by Wolf-Power Racing.

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