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    British driver, JM Littman,  joins GSM Racing and will compete... Read more

    News | April 10, 2021

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  2. Motorsport Covid-19 Testing

    Delighted to announce a partnership with Qured be able to offer rapid motorsport covid-19 testing to assist with international races!

    News | April 7, 2021

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  3. 2021 Italian GT Championship

    Scuderia Ravetto & Ruberti confirm their entry for the 2021 Italian GT Championship - with input from Paolo Ruberti and Manfredi Ravetto.

    News | April 2, 2021

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  4. Herberth Motorsport win the 2021 12H Mugello

    Great news for Herberth Motorsport as they have won the recent 2021 12H Mugello on the 27th of March.

    News | March 27, 2021

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  5. Race of Champion’s Brings the RX2e to Sweden

    The Race of Champions have announced that their first competition vehicles of 2022 will be the highly anticipated all electric RX2e.

    News | March 21, 2021

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  6. Le Mans eSports Series Joint Venture Grows

    The Le Mans eSports series joint venture grows with the success of the Le Mans eSports Series and Le Mans 24H Virtual eSports event too.

    News | February 26, 2021

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  7. Duval’s Task is Unfinished with Peugeot

    Duval’s task is unfinished with Peugeot simply because he has a goal to add a second Le Mans victory to his 2013 success experience with Audi.

    News | February 19, 2021

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  8. Glickenhaus Reveals the Full Line Up

    As Glickenhaus reveals the full line up, this has publicised that Frank Mailleux, Pipo Derani and Olivier Pla have also been announced as drivers.

    News | February 12, 2021

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  9. Porsche Carrera Cup North America 2021

    The Porsche Carrera Cup North America will make it's debut in 2021on the IMSA support package - with 16 races over the course of a season at racetracks spanning the United States and Canada.

    News | February 11, 2021

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