Manfredi Ravetto

Manfredi Ravetto is a name linked to sporting excellence in the best possible way. Born in Palermo, Sicily in 1975; he is the heir to a racing dynasty which has been active since motorsport itself has existed. As such, he has firsthand experience in all areas of motorsport – being a racer himself, head of finance and marketing for ForceIndia F1 Team, Jordan GP, Midland MF1 and Spyker F1 at different periods of time and he is also the only motorsport executive in history to have been team-principle in Formula 1 as well in DTM and WEC-LMP1.

Appointed as general director of Hispania Racing Team HRT-Cosworth F1 for 2010 and 2011, he later became the team-principal of Caterham-Renault F1 Team before passing his role to F. O’Connel near the end of the 2014 season. On top of these executive roles within racing teams (including the run at Team Kolles with Audi in DTM and later at ByKolles Racing in the World Endurance Championship in LMP1 class); Manfredi has always played a successful role in both consultancy and advisory for drivers including Formula 1, Formula E, ELMS and WEC. He has lost record of how many drivers he has assisted in their very first steps in Formula 1 and / or professional motorsport – but he proudly keeps a helmet from all of them as a memento of these special milestones in their respective motorsport careers.

Today he is wildly successfully behind the scenes as one of the most respected power-brokers in the professional sports world. In tandem with his inherent passion for motorsport, his love of other sports has also seen him be the commercial director for professional soccer clubs in Italy and Switzerland in tandem with mentoring athletes in horse showjumping and motorbike racing. Today he places his focus on brokering driver-deals, motorsport team advisory and development and sponsorship of new business. Manfredi is the chairman of Ravetto Group which is a small conglomerate of companies within which Sport 21 Ltd. is an affiliated business. He brings this unique and arguably unrivalled experience as a founder of Sport 21 and to the managerial aspects of it – along with his expertise in arranging driver-deals, advisory, consultancy, development and more.